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Displaying all books by the author Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

In Memory of Her

In Memory of Her

Feminist Theological Reconstruction of Christian Origins

More than ten years after it was first published, this book is as important and influential as when it first appeared. By way of celebration,...
Paperback / softback
Searching the Scriptures Volume 1
DO MEN AND WOMEN read the Scriptures differently? Do they bring different concerns and presuppositions to the text, use different methods? read with...
Paperback / softback
Concilium 175 Holocaust as Interruption
Hearing the testimony of radical negation / Susan Shapiro -- In our terrible age : the tremendum of the Jews / Arthur Cohen -- Interruption of the...
Paperback / softback
Concilium 199/3 Non-ordination of Women and the Politics of Power
An international journal of theology; a catholic journal in the widest sense: rooted in Roman Catholicism yet open to other Christian traditions and...
Concilium 2002/5 The Rights of Women
I -- Women's rights as human rights in a global context, The -- rights of women and human rights: achievements and contradictions : Evelyn A. Kirkley...
Paperback / softback
Concilium 2000/5 In the Power of Wisdom
Concilium 1994/1 Violence against Women
Introduction / Elisabeth Schu ssler Fiorenza -- I. Violence against women : exploring sociocultural analysis and gender construction. Because of the...
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Theological Reflection
Theological Reflection: Methods, 2nd Edition
Was: £27.99
Offer price: £20.00