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SCM Studyguide: Biblical Hermeneutics

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SCM Studyguide: Biblical Hermeneutics

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334040040
Published: 29/04/2006

SCM Studyguide: Biblical Hermeneutics offers entry-level undergraduates a framework for interpreting the Bible. The book goes beyond offering guidance on how to do exegesis, and is intended as a practical tool to help readers develop good interpretative strategies for themselves. As such it features pedagogical tools such as Try it Out boxes to assist students to develop a tested and thought - through overall interpretative strategy of their own.

Market-tested to ensure a good coverage of the typical topics found on a standard level-one hermeneutics course, this "Studyguide" is designed as a practical and comprehensive companion to coursework, be that within a secular institution, a theological institution or within Church reading groups.

The authors set out from the beginning to make clear that interpretation of the Bible is largely affected by the reader's own situation and therefore, the text is designed to guide the reader through the myriad of accepted methods of interpretation, no matter what the reader's own perspective or situation may be.


1 Where Do We Want to Go? 

2 Past Experience and Present Expectations 

3 Tools for Exegesis  

4 Our Reality

5 Committed Readings 

6 Enabling Dialogue with the Text  

7 Our Goal – Life-Affirming Interpretations 

Summary of the Interpretative Process

David Holgate, Rachel Starr

David Holgate is Vice Principal and Dean of Studies at STETS. He has particular interests in New Testament studies, biblical interpretation and mission. Rachel Starr is a doctoral candidate at ISEDET, Buenos Aires. She was previously a member of the academic staff at STETS. Her research interests include Latin American feminist theologies, economic and environmental ethics, racial justice, and biblical interpretation.

Published as an `SCM Studyguide', Biblical Hermeneutics by David Holgate & Rachel Starr, is written for first year theological students; wide-ranging in content, evangelicals will not find this an easy read. -- Ministry Today, Sept-Dec 2015