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SCM Studyguide: Anglicanism

SCM Studyguide: Anglicanism

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334043379
Published: 01/06/2010

The SCM Studyguide Anglicanism offers a comprehensive introduction to the many different facets of Anglicanism. Aimed at students preparing for ministry, it presumes no prior knowledge of the subject and offers helpful overviews of Anglican history, liturgy, theology, Canon Law, mission and global Anglicanism.

More and more ordinands come from contexts in which they are no longer familiar with their own denominational identity. The book fills a definite gap in the market and can be used as a textbook for a 10-week module on Anglican denominational identity.

Stephen Spencer is an experienced theological educator who has road tested the material with students in residential and non-residential settings. This book can also be used in courses on church history, spirituality, ecclesiology, mission and doctrine.

Introduction DiVerent Ways of Being Anglican 

Part 1 - Protestant Ways of Discipleship

1 Justified by Grace through Faith

1.1 Sin and Grace: Luther’s Theological Revolution 

1.2 Faith then Works: Cranmer’s Founding Documents  

1.3 Looking Within: George Herbert 

2  The Word Above All  

2.1 Attending to the Word in English: Tyndale’s Bible  

2.2 Scriptural Services: The Book of Common Prayer 

2.3 Under a Monarch under Scripture: Elizabeth’s Settlement 

3  Personal Experience as the Touchstone  

3.1 Feelings Within: The Witness of the Wesleys  

3.2 Feelings Without: From Whitefield to Alpha  

3.3 What, then, of Baptism? The Gorham Case 

4 The Necessity of Evangelism   

4.1 Evangelism for All: Mr Grimshaw’s Circuit 

4.2 Evangelism from Below: West and East Africa 

4.3 Evangelism in Deed: From Wilberforce to Stott 

Part 2 - Catholic Ways of Discipleship

5 Sacraments above All  

5.1 Traces of Ancient Liturgy: the BCP 

5.2 A High Church: James I and his Successors 

5.3 Real Presence: from Cosin to the Scottish Liturgy 

6 In the Catholic Fold  

6.1 Breaking Free from the State: Episcopalians and Keble   

6.2 Inthe Apostolic Succession: Newman and Pusey  

6.3 A Church for All: from Hampshire to Holborn 

7 Catholic Religion

7.1 Preaching Boxesinto Temples: the Camden Society 

7.2 Ritual in Worship: from Pimlico to Edinburgh 

7.3 Personal Discipline: Confession and the Religious Life 

Part 3 - Ways of Discipleship from the Enlightenment 

8 Reason as Judge  

8.1 Reason overTradition: Richard Hooker’s Foundation 

8.2 Reason in Nature and Politics: Newton and Locke 

8.3 Reason in Religion and Ethics: Butler and his Successors 

9 Broad Religion

9.1 Reason withFaith: Coleridge’s Philosophy 

9.2 An Inclusive Church: Maurice’s Ecumenism 

9.3 What,then, of Scripture? Jowett and Colenso 

10 A Social Mission 175 

10.1 The Purpose of History: from Hegel to T. H. Green 

10.2 Reforming Society: Christian Socialism and Octavia Hill 

10.3 Practical Social Ethics: William Temple 

Part 4 - Anglicanism as a Whole 

11 One Way or Many?  

11.1 Over the Many: Institutions and Instruments  

11.2 Within the Many: The Quadrilateral   

11.3  Between the Many: Checking and Redressing 

Stephen Spencer

Dr Stephen Spencer is Vice Principal of Yorkshire Ministry Course. He has extensive experience as a theological educator and parish priest and is the author of the SCM Studyguides for Anglicanism, Christian Mission and Church History.