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The Moving Text

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on David Brown and the Bible

The Moving Text

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on David Brown and the Bible

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334055266
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 30/06/2018
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Drawing upon the pioneering work of the British theologian David Brown who argues for a non-static, `moving text' that reaches beyond the biblical canon, this volume brings together twelve interdisciplinary essays, as well as a response from Brown.

With essays ranging from New Testament textual criticism to the fiction of David Foster Wallace, The Moving Text provides an introduction to Brown and the Bible that will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as specialists in a wide range of fields.

Editor’s Introduction - Christopher R. Brewer

Part 1: The Biblical Text

1.  Text and Tradition: David Brown and New Testament Textual Criticism - Garrick V. Allen 

2.  From the Magi to Pilate’s Wife: David Brown, Tradition and the Reception of Matthew’s Text - Ian Boxall 

3.  Memory, Remembrance and Imagination in the Formation of Redemptive Tradition: Reflecting on the Gospel of John with David Brown - Stephen C. Barton

4.  Moving Texts and Mirror Neurons: David Brown and Eleonore Stump on Biblical Interpretation - Robert MacSwain

Part 2: The Visual Imagination

5.  Paradise Reclaimed: Kerry James Marshall and Chris Ofili in the Garden of Eden - Taylor Worley 

6.  Re-visions of Sacrifice: Abraham in Art and Interfaith Dialogue - Aaron Rosen 

7.  ‘Surely the Lord is in this Place’: Jacob’s Ladder in Painting, Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art - Christopher R. Brewer

8.  Understanding John’s Visions: Unlocking the Insights of Revelation’s Visual History - Natasha O’Hear 

9. The Stained Glass Biblia Pauperum Windows of Steinfeld Abbey: Monastic Spirituality, Salvation History and the Theological Imagination - William P. Hyland

Part 3: The Literary Imagination

10.  David Brown and the Virgin Mary: A Literary Perspective - Thomas Rist 

11.  Intertextuality, Tradition and Finding Theology in Unexpected Places: Reading Frankenstein with the Help of David Brown - Jon Greenaway 

12. The Forms of Faith in Contemporary American Fiction - Dennis F. Kinlaw III

The Moving Text: A Reply - David Brown

Appendix: The Moving Text in the Life of the Church

Introduction - Garrick V. Allen, Christopher R. Brewer and Dennis F. Kinlaw III 

The Ladder Between Heaven and Earth: John 1.43–51 234 - David Brown 

Rachel and Leah: Genesis 29.15–28 - David Brown 

Food offered to Idols and Idolatry in Word and Image: Revelation 2.12–17 - David Brown 

Emotion and the Tears of Peter: Mark 8.31–38 - David Brown


Christopher R. Brewer, Garrick V. Allen, Dennis F. Kinlaw III

Christopher R. Brewer is Program Officer of the Templeton Religion Trust in Nassau (The Bahamas). Garrick V. Allen is Lecturer in New Testament at Dublin City University, and research associate of the Department of Ancient Languages, University of Pretoria (South Africa). Dennis F. Kinlaw III is Assistant Professor of English and member of the Honors College at Houston Baptist University (USA).

'In this collection of essays, a wide variety of scholars take up Brown’s insights, fleshing them out through lucid interpretations of biblical texts, art, and literature. These rich discussions, along with a response and four sermons from Brown himself, render this collection essential reading for biblical and theological scholars as well as for people of faith seeking to hear God’s voices in unexpected places.' - Benjamin D. Sommer, Professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary and author of Revelation and Authority (2015)

'This is a rich, varied and thought-provoking treasure trove for the academically inclined preacher: a glimpse into the rarefied world of peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic debate. It is not an easy read, nor is it a book to be devoured at one sitting. It is almost certain to extend the reader’s knowledge, and vocabulary!' -- Dr Anne Davidson Lund, Reader in the Diocese of Chester, www.collegeofpreachers.co.uk