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Mon 21 Jan 2019 @ 15:08

RT @frsimoncuffExcited to have signed with @SCM_Press for a new book on the doctrine of God & Christian action. Divine Simplicity…

SCM Studyguide: Preaching

SCM Studyguide: Preaching

Preaching is a complex and challenging business requiring a demanding mixture of skills. People listening to a sermon have the right to expect that a person who stands up to preach, can interpret the Bible competently, has a grasp of core Christian beliefs, and believes what they preach. They also expect someone who has the necessary range of communication skills to put the message across in an accessible way. Such a range of expectations presents daunting challenges to the most experienced preacher. 

SCM Studyguide: Preaching provides an introduction to the practice of preaching and includes practical exercises which could be used by individuals or by groups. The book is suitable for introductory courses in preaching or for modules which consider preaching within an overall focus on leading public worship. 

Download a set of worksheets which are based on topics explored in the book. The videos below introduce the themes discussed in each chapter’

To purchase a copy visit the product page below. 

For desk/examination copies, please visit our Academics page

For review copies email 

Chapter 1: Why Bother with Preaching 


Chapter 2: A Journey into Three Worlds


Chapter 3: Looking for Trouble.


Chapter 4: Preaching in Context.


Chapter 5: A Recipe for Preaching.


Chapter 6: Creating a Sequence


Chapter 7: Telling a Story


Chapter 8: Painting a Picture.

Chapter 9: First Steps on the Preaching Journey.

Chapter 10: Performing the Sermon.


Chapter 11: The Fully-Alive Preacher.



"A book that is reassuringly abreast of the latest homiletical thought while managing to be thoroughly practical. A first class introduction to the craft of preaching.” -- David Day

"This thoughtful yet practical guide to the art of preaching is a brilliant resource both for those new to preaching and for experienced preachers who are looking for ideas to reinvigorate how they preach. It blends helpful theory with down-to-earth examples in such a way that captures and communicates Peter Stevenson's own passion for preaching. A must for every preacher's bookshelf." - Paula Gooder, Bible Society 

"Peter Stevenson has spread a banquet before us: the table is groaning with rich food to nourish the novice preacher and sustain the seasoned practitioner. He offers us meaty questions and tasty tips, served up with multiple side servings of practical examples. This book is a veritable feast for all preachers." -- Kate Bruce, Cranmer Hall, Durham

"Peter Stevenson is an experienced and creative preacher and teacher of preaching. In this book he distils his wisdom in a wonderfully accessible and practical way. The plentiful examples and friendly style make this a gift for those at any stage of the preaching life, and for those who try to help and encourage them in their calling. I wholeheartedly commend it." -- Stephen I. Wright, Spurgeons College, London


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SCM Studyguide: Preaching
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Mon 21 Jan 2019 @ 15:08

RT @frsimoncuffExcited to have signed with @SCM_Press for a new book on the doctrine of God & Christian action. Divine Simplicity…

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