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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

Profitable Wonders


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ISBN-13: 9780334029243
Published: 11/08/2003
Product description

This is a lifetime's collection of pieces of poetry and prose which have encouraged one Christian and which might encourage others. Its title comes from a sentence of Thomas Traherne. The entries range from the light-hearted to the serious and inspiring; and they could be sampled, used for reference, or read straight through to inspire and encourage. It was divided into themed sections: faith, creation, human creatures, the mercy people need, the grace given to them, dying, rising.

Author Information

Helen Oppenheimer

Helen Oppenheimer has written widely on philosophical theology and Christian ethics and has published eleven books.

Product Reviews

"All this makes it an intellectually-respectable account of christian faith that is especially suited for the reader who loves beautiful language. For the reader who has settled for the cadences of The Book of Common Prayer as a substitute for faith, it may be a re-awakening call to his mind and conscience. For the reader who has never professed faith but is open to stirring language, it may be the key that unlocks the doors to his heart. For the person of serious faith, the book's seven thematically-arranged collections make it a candidate to be her sole devotional reading-material for a week's holiday. Given all that, it is not unreasonable to suggest that it is a mixture of both the profitable and the wonderful." David Sewell, THE LADY MARGARET HALL BROWN BOOK 2005.

"There is evidence in some juxtapositions of a wicked sense of humour. Lady Oppenheimer hopes the book will appeal to those who care about language and thrive on words. In that it cannot fail. For me it will be compulsive bed-time reading over many months to come." Hugh Beach TSSF, Franciscan vol.18 No.3, September 2006.

Customer Reviews
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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

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Theological Reflection
Theological Reflection: Methods, 2nd Edition
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