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Mon 12 Feb 2018 @ 14:54

On the blog: Should theology stay out of the workplace? @liccltd director Mark Greene's foreword to "Work: Theologi…

From Nicaea to Chalcedon

A Guide to the Literature and Its Background

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ISBN-13: 9780334029939
Published: 18/12/2009
Offer ends: 03/03/2018
Product description

Created as a companion guide to a Patristics textbook, From Nicaea to Chalcedon surveys a variety of writings to have occurred during one of the most significant periods in the formation of the Church, from 265-466. It does not aim to cover the subject as a textbook would, but aims to delve deeper into some of the characters who were involved with the Church or the Councils during this period.

Beginning with Eusebius of Caesarea and the first council of the Church at Nicaea, and ending with Theodoret of Cyrrhus, who is thought to have changed his view of Christology after the watershed Council of Chalcedon, this unique text surveys some of the most influential characters to have shaped Church history and the formation of doctrine. Surveying a mixture of significant literary figures, laymen, bishops and heretics this book presents biographical, literary-critical and theological information about each. They are chosen either because they are important to the history of doctrine, or because new material about them has thrown light upon their work, or because they will broaden the reader's understanding of the culture and history of the period or of live issues in the church at the time.

Structured in five parts, each part deals with a period of time and a sequence of characters, so the book is easily followed in chronological order. Added to this, is the double bibliography, which in this edition is fully updated. Bibliography A details those texts in English of the original texts of antiquity, whilst Bibliography B provides details of publications in English, French and German which have appeared since 1960-2004 on or about the characters discussed in the body of the text.

Author Information

Frances M. Young, Andrew Teal, Paul Parvis

Frances M Young is Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Dept of Theology at the University of Birmingham. Andrew Teal is a Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford

Product Reviews

From Nicaea to Chalcedon has been a standard in the field for twenty-five years. In clear, elegant prose and with close attention to the original texts, the book opens a window for students onto not only Young's own views of the figures she covers but also a wide range of relevant scholarly debates and controversies. This thorough updating constitutes a deep revision of the original, not just the addition of new bibliography. We are anew in  Professor Young's debt!" -- Lewis Ayres, Bede Professor of Catholic Theology, Durham University

"This is an indispensable work, revealing new insights on every page." -- Andrew Louth, Professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies, Durham University

Customer Reviews

Mon 12 Feb 2018 @ 14:54

On the blog: Should theology stay out of the workplace? @liccltd director Mark Greene's foreword to "Work: Theologi…

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