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Wed 19 Sep 2018 @ 13:51

On the blog: News of autumn releases including new books from @drbenpugh . @lizshercliff and Gary O'Neill,…

Concilium 2017/1

Diverse Cultural and Religious Ways of Thinking

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ISBN-13: 9780334031420
Published: 17/03/2017
Product description

Part One: Thinking About Cultural and Religious Rationals

Interreligious Epistemoligical and Hermneutic Paradigms
Jean-Jacques Wunenburger

An Observation on the Thought Patterns of the Han Ethnicity and their Impact on Religions and Theologies
Huang Po Ho

Part Two: In Touch with Realities in the Field

The Interplay of Identities in Contacts Between Europe and Insulandia in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Romain Bertrand

Relation and Opacity: Exchanging Without Getting Lost
Anne Douaire Banny

Reasoning emerging from Resistance Movements against the Violence of the System
Carlos Mendoza-Álvarez

Part Three: On Truth and Universalism

The Metaphorical Truth: Notes on Universality in the Works of Paul Ricoeur
Olivier Abel

Truth, Respect for the Singular, and Universality in Dialogue
François Bousquet

Part Four: Some Theological Perspectives

Christian Faith and Socio-Cultural Rationalities. Reflections from Asia
Felix Wilfred

Dialogue as a Hope of Truth
Bruno Cadoré

Towards Unity: Responding Together to Truth’s Call
Thierry-Marie Courau

Part Five: Theological Forum

Faceless Poor Make a Saint: Mother Teresa in Context
Felix Wilfred

The Interpellations of Pope Francis in Present Day Theology
Hermann Rodriguez Osorio


Concilium is currently published in six languages and can claim to be the most-widely read theological journal in the world.

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Wed 19 Sep 2018 @ 13:51

On the blog: News of autumn releases including new books from @drbenpugh . @lizshercliff and Gary O'Neill,…

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