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Wed 20 Feb 2019 @ 13:48

@tallandrew @ShervingtonD @frsimoncuff @ElaineGraham2 Lots of updated examples, new introduction, and bibliographies brought up to date

Hannah's Child

A Theologian's Memoir


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ISBN-13: 9780334043683
Published: 30/04/2010
Product description

In 2001 Stanley Hauerwas was voted 'America's best theologian' by "Time Magazine". Here are Hauerwas' long-awaited memoirs. A loving, hard-working, godly couple has long been denied a family of their own. Finally, the wife makes a deal with God: if he blesses her with a child, she will dedicate that child to God's service. The result of that prayer was the birth of an influential - some say prophetic - voice. Surprisingly, this is not the biblical story of Samuel but the account of Stanley Hauerwas, one of today's leading theologians in the church and the academy. The story of Hauerwas' journey into Christian discipleship is captivating and inspiring. With genuine humility, he describes his intellectual struggles with faith, how he has dealt with the reality of marriage to a mentally ill partner, and the gift of friendships that have influenced his character. Throughout

Author Information

Stanley Hauerwas

Stanley Hauerwas is Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke University.

Product Reviews

'...very funny, honest, wry and moving.'   Catholic Herald, August 2010

'Those who know and admire Hauerwas' lively mind and commitment to say what he believes without worrying about the consequences will be interested in his own insights into his career ... The author is candid about his own struggles and perceptions of life ... you get a sense of a man thoroughly committed to God and the gospel, and passionate about exploring all the dimensions in the public arena.' -- Christianity , July 2011 

'What does it mean to become a Christian? Stanley Hauerwas has written a deeply engaging and courageous memoir which answers the question in terms of his own lifelong discovery of God's presence and challenge through experience both of grace and of darkness, often inseparably bound together. A book of profound compassion, depth and wisdom from one of the greatest Christian minds of our time.' --Archbishop Rowan Williams

'Both painfully honest and intellectually daring, Hauerwas places his own story alongside that of his theology to create a magnificent autobiography. Some would call this testimony, others narrative theology at its most convincing. I'd just say it was utterly brilliant.' --Giles Fraser, St Paul's Cathedral

'Stanley Hauerwas, the most important living influence in Anglo-Saxon theology, has given us the story of his journey from blue collar origins to the heights of academia, in tones that are remarkably at once candid and restrained. The tale has the ring of entire authenticity and it had to be written because Hauerwas's work of writing and his work upon himself are so clearly, as with Michel de Montaigne, one and the same. The title will remind older British readers of the very Victorian and yet compelling 'Ladybird book' picture of the child Samuel summonsed by Jehovah in the darkness. Stanley Hauerwas is just that kind of prophet.' --John Milbank, University of Nottingham



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Wed 20 Feb 2019 @ 13:48

@tallandrew @ShervingtonD @frsimoncuff @ElaineGraham2 Lots of updated examples, new introduction, and bibliographies brought up to date

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