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Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry

Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334043737
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 31/08/2011
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Consultancy is increasingly being used to support mission and to help church leaders and workers in the challenges they face in their work.

Helping churches and workers understand their situation and develop effective strategies demands skilful consultants who can handle issues of context and theology, the characteristics of voluntary sector organisations, and mission in a post-modern world.

This guide to being a church consultant offers rigorous, practical consultancy theory and tools as well as pointing to a rich range of methods and models for further investigation. By integrating the insights of practical theory, organizational studies, the social sciences and a range of helping skills, consultants will be able to support those who are leading change in churches in processes which are more explicit and carefully thought through than is often the case.

This book encourages consultants to develop their own model and practice built on a healthy cycle of sound theory, evaluated practice and thoughtful feedback.

David Dadswell

The Revd David Dadswell has been consultant to a range of commercial, public and voluntary organisations for more than thirteen years. He is a tutor on the MA in Consultancy for Mission and Ministry in the York Institute for Community Theology at York St John University.

"This book is the fruit of both [David Dadswell's] experience working as a consultant and teaching consultancy at York St John University. David clearly sets out his focus as 'work consultancy' and differentiates this from supervision, counselling and spiritual direction. He covers topics that include: roles, process and models of consultancy, and, issues in the provision of consultancy in churches. His hope is to encourage theoretically informed intentional practice. When I started out as a diocesan officer and found myself in a consulting role I searched around for resources and at the time George Lovell's Consultancy, Ministry and Mission - A Handbook for Practitioners and Work Consultants in Christian Organisations, was the key text which whilst magisterial in its breadth and depth was perhaps not the best place to start.

I believe that David has succeeded in providing us with a less daunting and more accessible way into the field. He manages to do this without loss of rigour and often appreciatively in dialogue with Lovell's work. I can see this book being of value not only to diocesan officers to support their own reflection on practice but also to encourage those consultants that offer their skills from the margins of the church to reflect on the distinctiveness of their new context. This is a timely and welcomed resource."-Tim Ling

Review of Consultancy Skills in Mission and Ministry in Journal of Adult Theological Education 9.2 2013 click here