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Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 12:27

'This ground-breaking book gives a concrete example of how the learning of churches in Tanzania is instructive for…

Just Mission

Practical Politics for Local Churches


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ISBN-13: 9780334052296
Published: 31/05/2015
Product description

Just Mission draws upon the increased activism of local churches and links it to effective use of democratic processes to achieve justice for the people with whom they have a pastoral relationship.

The last decade has seen a resurgence of the social action of the local church - responses to social need have included street pastors, cold weather shelters, debt advice centres and latterly food banks.

Helen Cameron introduces the political and public theology that is currently being produced to local church leaders so they can see that theology has a genuine interest in the dilemmas they currently face.


Author Information

Helen Cameron

Helen Cameron is a Research Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Ecclesiology and Practical Theology of which she was the founding Director. She is Head of Public Affairs for The Salvation Army.

Product Reviews

"Christians care about justice and, almost everywhere you look, church people are involved in concerted efforts to address the structures, policies and attitudes which arouse their vocation to neighbourliness. But who knows how many more Christians feel the same calling but cannot translate it into action because they lack confidence, or information or the conviction that anything an change? Helen Cameron's timely and accessible book may be the catalyst to help turn the pursuit of social justice into something that "we", and not just "they", can do - connecting prayer, worship, community and change as integral aspects of discipleship today." -- Malcolm Brown, Director, Mission and Public Affairs, The Church of England

"Just Mission is as effective in making its case for political action in the local church as it is in demonstrating how to do it. It succeeds in being both tool and inspiration for action. This book itself contributes to human flourishing. Firstly you might change the world: In seeking justice you may craft a mission and purpose, devising effective practical action. And you might change yourself, coming closer in your being to the character of God.There is a lot here for us to consider and learn." -- Helen O'Brien, Caritas Social Action Network  

"Just Mission is a valuable contribution to contemporary thinking about mission which deserves to be widely read, debated and acted upon. For it succeeds in bringing together several important elements in a creative and accessible manner. To begin with it is clearly theological; providing a missional perspective rooted in biblical convictions about the God of compassion, righteousness and justice. This is combined with a perceptive reading of the political changes, nationally and locally, which set the scene for justice-seeking mission. In addition Just Mission offers down to earth guidance for churches about ways in which they can make a difference in building for the kingdom of God. The end result is an inspiring example of theology which is practical, pastoral and political." -- Peter Stevenson, South Wales Baptist College

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Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 12:27

'This ground-breaking book gives a concrete example of how the learning of churches in Tanzania is instructive for…

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