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Being Saved

Explorations in Human Salvation

Being Saved

Explorations in Human Salvation

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334054955
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 30/08/2018
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

With contributions from leading theologians and philosophers, Being Saved: Explorations in Human Salvation brings together a series of essays on the major topics relating to the doctrine of salvation.

The book provides readers with a critical resource that consists of an integrative philosophical-theological method, and will invigorate this much-needed discussion.

Foreword by Michael Horton 

Introduction: Being Saved – Explorations in Human Salvation - Marc Cortez, Joshua R. Farris and S. Mark Hamilton 

Part 1 Sin, Evil and Salvation  

1. Identity Through Time and Personal Salvation - Ryan T. Mullins 

2. Divine Hiddenness, the Soteriological Problem of Evil and Berkeleyan Idealism - Greg Trickett and Tyler Taber 

3. Retributivism Rejected: A Restorative Hope for Justice  in the Age to Come - Jonathan Rutledge  

4. Peter Abelard on Original Sin - Daniel W. Houck 

5. Reparative Substitution and the ‘Efficacy Objection’: Toward a Modified Satisfaction Theory of Atonement - Joshua R. Farris and S. Mark Hamilton 

Part 2 The Nature of Salvation 

6. Theosis and Participation - Oliver D. Crisp  

7. Ascension and Pentecost: A View from the Divine Missions - Adonis Vidu 

8. Saved by Degrees? Augustine’s Ontological Pluralism - Katherine Kirkpatrick 

9. Spirit, Selfhood and Salvation - Myk Habets 

10. Christian Doctrines of Humanity and Salvation Provide Theological Foundations for Virtue Epistemology - Benjamin H. Arbour 

Part 3 The Process of Salvation 

11. The Doctrine of Predestination and a Modified Hylomorphic Theory of Human Souls - Andrew Loke  

12. The Priority of Justification to Sanctification - John V. Fesko  

13. Barth and Boethius on Stellvertretung and Personhood - Adam Johnson  

14. Being Christ: Salvation and Bonhoeffer’s  Christo-Ecclesiology  - W. Madison Grace II 

15. Redeeming the Eucharist: Transignification  and Justification - James M. Arcadi  

16. Regeneration and the Spirit - Paul Helm 

Part 4 The Body, the Mind and Salvation 

17. Two Visions of Being Saved as Deiform Perfectibility - Carl Mosser  

18. Theological Musings on Mental Illness: Between Sin and Sanctification - Hans Madueme  

19. Saving Panpsychism: A Panpsychist Ontology and Christian Soteriology - Joanna Leidenhag 

20. The Body and the Beatific Vision - Marc Cortez 


Marc Cortez, Joshua R. Farris, S. Mark Hamilton

Marc Cortez is (PhD, University of St. Andrews) Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College. Joshua R. Farris (PhD, University of Bristol, UK) is Assistant Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University. S. Mark Hamilton is a PhD candidate at the Free University of Amsterdam.

'This is an impressive book.  The volume is well-organized and the essays well-written, and the volume both sheds fresh light on old issues and breaks genuinely new ground.  The essays are fascinating, insightful, and rigorous -- and in some cases, at least, edifying.  *Being Saved* is an excellent resource, and I will return to it often.' -- Thomas H. McCall, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and the University of St Andrews

'This is a brilliant, multifaceted collection of original, engaging essays on the Christian concept of salvation. Being Saved is evidence of the dynamic, robust flourishing today of Christian philosophy and theology.' -- Charles Taliaferro, Professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College, and co-editor of the Blackwell Companion to Philosophy of Religion 

"The new generation of Reformed dogmatics has arrived!  Cortez, Farris, and Hamilton have assembled many of the best young dogmaticians, along with some giants of the older generation, to press forward in the urgent task of hearing and proclaiming the Gospel of salvation.  They do so with intellectual seriousness, ecumenical wisdom, and creative verve.  This book will show you what theological thinking is and why it is important." -- Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary