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Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 12:27

'This ground-breaking book gives a concrete example of how the learning of churches in Tanzania is instructive for…


Theological Foundations and Practical Implications

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ISBN-13: 9780334055297
Published: 28/02/2018
Product description

Moving from biblical theology to systematic theology to practical theology, "Work: Theological Foundations and Practical Implications" offers a comprehensive theology of work.

With contributions from a variety of leading theologians including Miroslav Volf and Samuel Gregg, this book brings together biblical scholars, ethicists, economists representing a spectrum of theological voices.

It will bring a new academic depth to the literature on the theology of work and provide a comprehensive single-volume resource for scholars and students alike.


1. Work in Christian Perspective: An Introduction - R. Keith Loftin and Trey Dimsdale

Part 1: Biblical Theology

2.  The Creation Narratives and the Original Unity of Work and Worship in the Human Vocation - John Bergsma 

3.  Work as a Blessed Gift in the Prophets and Writings: A Thematic Study with Special Emphasis on Jeremiah 29 - Eugene H. Merrill 

4.  Labour of Love: The Theology of Work in First and Second Thessalonians - John Taylor 

5.  Jesus and Character Values in Work - Darrell L. Bock

Part 2: Systematic Theology

6.  Work as Co-operation with God - Miroslav Volf

7.  Be Fruitful and Multiply: Work and Anthropology - Jay Wesley Richards 

8.  Work and Sanctification - Scott B. Rae 

9.  Being God’s People by Working on God’s Mission - Greg Forster 

10.  Work and the New Creation - Darrell T. Cosden

Part 3: Practical Theology

11.  Economics and the Theology of Work - Jürgen von Hagen 

12.  The Problem of Meaning and Related Problems:  Four Voices in a Pastoral Theology of Work - Chris R. Armstrong 

13.  The Marketplace as Common Ground for Serving Others - Samuel Gregg 

14.  Poverty, Justice, and Work - Michael Matheson Miller


Gabriela Urbanova 

Author Information

R. Keith Loftin, Trey Dimsdale

R. Keith Loftin is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, as well as Chair of the Department of Philosophy, at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to the PhD, he holds an M.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Humanities. He is the editor of God & Morality: Four Views, co-author of Stand Firm: Defending the Beauty and Brilliance of the Gospel, and the author of numerous articles and reviews addressing topics both philosophical and theological. Trey Dimsdale is Associate Director and Research Fellow in Faith & Work at the Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement, as well as a Fellow at the Research Institute of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He sits on the Board of Directors for the National Faith and Work Association, for whom he is also an Academic Representative on the Board of Advisors.

Product Reviews

"I am hugely grateful to Trey Dimsdale and Keith Loftin for taking the initiative to commission such a rich book on such a vital topic from such a formidable and diverse group of scholars across a range of disciplines." -- Mark Greene, LICC and author of Thank God it's Monday. 

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Wed 16 Jan 2019 @ 12:27

'This ground-breaking book gives a concrete example of how the learning of churches in Tanzania is instructive for…

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