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Development Beyond the Secular

Theological Approaches to Inequality

Development Beyond the Secular

Theological Approaches to Inequality

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334055655
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 30/09/2017
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

The intersection of religion and development has for some decades been considered contentious, with scholars of both disciplines inhibited by the constraints of either the religious or the secular paradigm they primarily inhabit.

Development Beyond the Secular aims to provide a new resource for those interested in the study of religions and development (primarily postgraduate and academic), and for those development practitioners wishing to contextualize their discipline within a religious frame.

Using the work of Christian Aid as its primary lens, this book examines and critiques the theological underpinnings of development work and questions how Christian values are manifest through day-to-day work in the world of poverty eradication.

1. Practical Theology and Faith-based Development

2. Secular and Faith-based Development 

*Defining development 
*The shared origins of faith and secular development
*Economic growth models of development *Secularization and its impact on development *Faith discourses of development 
*The capabilities approach, faith and development

3. Three Theological Voices: Discerning faith at work 

*The three theological voices – explicit, implicit and null 
*Christian Aid’s identity expressed through the voices
*Christian Aid’s values expressed through the voices 
*Christian Aid’s theologies of international development 
*Working with Christian Aid’s theologies of development

4. New Life in Christ: A renewed theology of development

*A Christology of development for a prophetic future 
*Christ as equality: A theology of mutual partnership

Catherine Loy

Catherine Loy comes from a background working in international development, for both secular and faith-based organizations. She was formerly a Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid as well as having been head of Christian Aid Week. After years of investigating and applying various theories of development, she decided to channel her frustration with the lack of engagement with faith-based development (even within some faith-based organizations) into an in-depth study on the subject. She holds an MA in International Development (University of New South Wales) and a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies (King's College London). She lives in London and has previously lived and worked in Australia, various parts of South-East Asia and a number of countries in West Africa.

"The question of how to combine faith and development is critical in the struggle toward justice for every human being. How might Christianity support the work of development? How might aid organizations need to shift to reflect Christian theologies? This book addresses those questions with the case study of Christian Aid, and in particular, issues of Christology and partnership. Well-researched and excellently written, this book will be of use to theologians, development practitioners, and faith-based aid organizations." -- Thia Cooper, Associate Professor, Religion and Latin American, Latina/o, and Caribbean Studies, Gustavus Adolphus College

"This book will prove to be extremely valuable to anyone interested in debates around theology and development, and to those concerned with developing or maintaining an organisational spirituality, especially among Christian development agencies." -- Justin Thacker, lecturer in practical and public theology, Cliff College