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A Transforming Vision

Knowing and Loving the Triune God

A Transforming Vision

Knowing and Loving the Triune God

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334055686
Number of Pages: 240
Published: 31/01/2018
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

The study of Christian theology in the last half century has seen a major renaissance in Trinitarian thought which has attempted to connect Trinitarian theology to all aspects of Christian faith and practice.

This revival has often addressed the unfortunate split which has haunted much modern theological endeavour between theology and both prayer and practice, the disjunction between thought about God and the movement of the heart toward God in transformed lives.

Drawn from papers given at a Pusey House conference in 2015, the contributors to this collection explore what it means to know and love the Triune God, and how the knowledge of God can be a transforming and saving knowledge.

Preface vii 

Acknowledgements xv 

John Webster – A Tribute - Andrew Moore xvii

Part 1: Surveying the Mystery 

Sermon: Trinitarian Communion - Jonathan Goodall 

1. Eucharistic Priority in Trinitarian Theology: Retrieving a Patristic Idea - Jarred Mercer 

2. ‘A Semblance more Lucid’? An Exploration of Trinitarian Space - Jeremy Begbie 

Part 2: Foundations 

3. Theophany as Divine Hospitality in Origen and Chrysostom - Hans Boersma 

4. The Gospels on Knowing God as Triune - Markus Bockmuehl 

5. Knowing and Loving the Triune God: The Pauline Epistles - Jennifer Strawbridge 

6. The Trinity in the Mystical Theology of the Christian East - Kallistos Ware 

7. Wisdom as True Worship: From Augustine’s De Vera Religione to De Trinitate  - Paige E. Hochschild 

Part 3: Explorations 

Sermon: Caught in the Divine Net - Jonathan Goodall 

8. Humanity Created for Communion with the Trinity in Aquinas - Richard Conrad 

9. Cranmer’s Gnadenstuhl: Continuity and Change in the Liturgy - Gavin Dunbar 

10. Hooker’s Trinitarian Theology and the Everyday - Gary Thorne 

11. The Gothic Revival, Pre-Raphaelitism and Trinitarian Art in Britain - Ayla Lepine 

Part 4: The Trinity in Prayer, in Life and in the Church 

Sermon: Transformed by Encounter - Jonathan Goodall 

12. Father Sergii Bulgakov on the Doctrine of the Trinity - Andrew Louth 

13. Hans Urs Von Balthasar: The Trinity and Prayer - Lucy Gardner 

14. Participation in God: An Experiment in Trinitarian Philosophy -  Lydia Schumacher 

15. The Trinity and the Moral Life: In memoriam John Webster  - Oliver O’Donovan 

16. Sermon: Foretaste of the New Creation - Jonathan Goodall 

Conclusion: Knowing and Loving the Triune God - Rowan Williams

George Westhaver

George Westhaver is the Principal of Pusey House, Oxford

"Neither shying away from the difficulties of knowing God, nor from the discipline required to allow ourselves to be reshaped and reformed, the contributors show that the church is to be found where together we have accepted the divine invitation to inhabit the Trinitarian movement of giving and receiving love. In essays eloquent, elegant, playful, subtle and clear, we are shown that our prayer should be thoughtful and our thought prayerful. " -- Matt Bullimore, Vice Principal, Westcott House