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The Bible in Worship

Proclamation, Encounter and Response

The Bible in Worship

Proclamation, Encounter and Response

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334056478
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 28/02/2018
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Biblical proclamation is central to Christian worship. The Bible witnesses to the foundational experiences of the Church. Its proclamation invites worshippers into encounter with Christ, the living Word. The Bible in Worship seeks to make visible how the Bible is encountered in the worship of mainstream Western churches.

Focusing in turn on the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Anglican traditions, Victoria Raymer offers a detailed and lively consideration of the contemporary practices of proclamation in each, considers their respective patterns of reading the Bible as part of public worship, and reflects on the place the Bible takes in daily prayer.

Raymer also draws our attention towards the role the psalms play in contemporary formal liturgy, and offers a chapter on how the Bible is weaved into less formal forms of worship, including contemporary sung worship.

Offering a truly holistic study of the scripture in worship, the book will resource readers to reflect on how proclamation invites response in understanding and resolve, and to consider how it might do so more effectively.


1. Proclamation of the Bible in the Worship of the  Roman Catholic Church  

2. Proclamation of the Bible in the Worship of  Reformed Churches  

3. Proclamation of the Bible in the Worship of  Anglican Churches  

4. Proclamation: Enhanced and Interactive  

5. Scripture in Contemporary Daily Prayer 

6. Selection and Juxtaposition of Readings  

7. The Synoptic Lectionaries: Characteristics  

8. The Synoptic Lectionaries: Criticism  

9. Psalms in Worship 

Victoria Raymer

Victoria Raymer is Tutor in Liturgy at Westcott House, Cambridge. She qualified as a lawyer and earned a PhD in Church History at Harvard. She prepared for ordination at St Stephen’s House (as an All Saints Sister) and The Queen’s College, earning a theology degree from Oxford and a Diploma in Pastoral Studies from Birmingham. After two curacies in the Diocese of St Albans she served as vicar of a three-parish benefice. At Westcott she teaches liturgy and church history and serves as a tutor.

‘A rich and timely exploration of how the Bible forms Christians by the way it is used in worship - a gift for preachers, liturgists and worship leaders’ -- Angela Tilby

“Vicky’s meticulous scholarship, attention to detail and narrative illustration are a delight, and she bridges many traditions, challenging partisan assumptions. This book will be invaluable to researchers but perhaps more importantly, may serve to refresh worn approaches to the use of scripture in public worship.”-- Adrian Chatfield, Fellow, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

“This is a fascinating book bringing together an amazing amount of material about the use of the Bible in worship and the response to it. It will be of interest to liturgical scholars, those who lead worship and anyone who struggles to understand the dynamic behind the choice and the juxtaposition of readings. The book deserves to be widely read.” -- Mary Tanner