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The Kingdom of our God

A Theological Commentary on Isaiah

The Kingdom of our God

A Theological Commentary on Isaiah

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334056980
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 30/11/2019
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

The Book of Isaiah speaks in troubled times.

Its message for God’s people Israel stretches across prosperity, loss, disaster and the beginnings of a fresh hope.

It is rooted in the events of its time and conveys God’s message about how to be faithful people and how to be a part of God’s people in their time.

As Christians try to serve the kingdom in our own time, the Book of Isaiah speaks to us of the need to seek God, to listen and to understand his word. This commentary seeks to explore some of these themes and reflections. It looks to create a space in which Christian readers can think and reflect about what God is calling us to now as we seek to serve the Kingdom of our God.

Engaging with critical scholarship but designed to be accessible for those beginning formal theological study or Christians who want to go deeper in their understanding of the book, The Kingdom of Our God demonstrates that the words of the prophets can still speak to us today

This book will compliment the similar approach taken by Mark Scarlata in The Abiding Presence: a theological commentary on Exodus (2018) and by Isabelle Hamley in God of Justice and Mercy: a theological commentary on Judges (2021).

Preface   ix 

Introduction   1

First Isaiah 

The State of the Nation (1.1?5.30)   15 

Seeing the Signs (6.1?9.21)   31 

Hope in Dangerous Times (10.1?12.12)   47 

Judgement (13.1?23.18)   54

Apocalypse (24.1?27.13)   74 

True Wisdom (28.1?32.30)   81 

The Lord Arises (33.1?35.10)   93 

Isaiah and Hezekiah (36.1?39.8)   99

Second Isaiah 

Comfort (40.1?43.28)   109 

The Incomparable Lord (44.1?46.13)   120 

Realities in Babylon (47.1?48.22)   130 

The Servant of the Lord (49.1?53.12)   137 

Sing! (54.1?55.13)   162

Third Isaiah 

An Extraordinary Hope and its Frustration (56.1?59.21)  169 

Hope for Jerusalem (60.1?62.12)   180 

Our Father (63.1–19)   187  

Here I Am (64.1?65.25)   190  

Glory (66.1–24)   195


Conclusion   199 

Further Reading   208 

Index of Bible References   211 

Index of Names and Subjects  218

Jenni Williams

Jenni Williams is Tutor in Old Testament at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

"This is a bold but sensitive, succinct but wide-ranging commentary. Jenni Williams argues that the book we call Isaiah emerged over some four hundred years, through at least three different prophets, where we see Israel always on the world stage, surrounded by foreign powers, whether of Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, or Persia. As each prophet engages with politics, however, the backdrop is always of a divine plan working through human agency. Williams shows us the relevance of this to today’s church, as we too yearn for peace amongst nations through the non-abuse of power: a refreshing and challenging approach which any Christian, ordained or lay, would benefit from." --Susan Gillingham, Professor of the Hebrew Bible, University of Oxford

"Reading Isaiah is like climbing a mountain, and we all need a good guide if we are to make rewarding progress. Here Jenni Williams offers sure-footed advice on good paths to follow, based on a careful analysis of the historical and textual details, and frequently stopping to help us admire the theological view… With this guidebook in hand, readers of Isaiah may set out with confidence: an energising and eye-opening climb awaits.” -- Richard S. Briggs, Director of Biblical Studies and Lecturer in Old Testament, Cranmer Hall, Durham.