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Austin Farrer

Oxford Warden, Scholar, Preacher

Austin Farrer

Oxford Warden, Scholar, Preacher

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334058595
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 31/01/2020
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Frequently described as Anglicanism's most creative twentieth century theologian, Austin Farrer’s impact on Anglican theology is considerable.

Published to mark the 150th anniversary of Keble College, of which Farrer was Warden, this book brings together essays from leading scholars including Ian W. Archer, Mark Goodacre, Michael F. Lloyd, Judith Wolfe and John Barton alongside 4 previously unpublished lectures by Farrer himself. 

Contributors ix 

Acknowledgements xi 

Foreword by Sir Jonathan Phillips xiii 

Introduction by Markus Bockmuehl and Stephen Platten 1

Part One: Farrer at Keble – The Gospels,  C. S. Lewis, and Philosophical Theology 15

Austin Farrer as Warden of Keble (1960–1968) 17 

Ian W. Archer 

Farrer and the Gospels 38 

Mark Goodacre 

Farrer on the Problem of Evil 53 

Michael F. Lloyd 

Austin Farrer and C. S. Lewis 70 

Judith Wolfe 

Austin Farrer as a Preacher 86 

John Barton 

Part Two: Farrer in America – Four Unpublished Lectures (1966) 101 

1. Something Has Died on Us: Can it be God? 103 

2. How Far is Christian Doctrine Reformable? 119 

3. Bultmann and All That 134 

4. Does Social Structure Bow to Christian Morals, or Vice Versa? 151

Epilogue 169 

The Mark of Cain: A Sermon for Evening Prayer 171 Stephen Platten

Bibliography of Works Cited 175 

Index of Scripture References 183 

Index of Names and Subjects 184

Markus Bockmuehl, Stephen Platten, Nevsky Everett

Markus Bockmuehl is Dean Ireland's Professor in the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at Keble College, Oxford. Revd. Nevsky Everett is Chaplain at Keble College, Oxford. Stephen Platten is Chaplain at St Martin Ludgate

'More and more attention is being paid to this profoundly original theologian, and the essays in this book are a model of intelligent and creative engagement. The inclusion of an unpublished lecture series by Farrer himself is an unexpected bonus, and every Farrer enthusiast will want to have these significant new texts at hand.' -- Dr Rowan Williams, Master, Magdalene College Cambridge