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Wed 19 Sep 2018 @ 14:54

RT @SCM_PressAs we approach the centenary of the end of #WW1, Join Thomas O'Loughlin and Dr Stuart Bell as they outline the theo…

Theology Reforming Society

Revisiting Anglican Social Theology


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ISBN-13: 9780334053736
Published: 30/10/2017
Product description

Offering an ideal companion volume to Anglican Social Theology (CHP 2014), a range of leading contributors tell the story of Anglican social theology from its roots in the writings and work of F. D. Maurice and the Christian Socialists, including Charles Kingsley and John Ludlow. 

Looking at second generation figures such as Charles Gore, Henry Scott Holland and the Christian Social Union as well as the central figure of William Temple, clarifying his role within the tradition, this text looks beyond Temple to the work of the Board for Social Responsibility, and to some of the theologians and church leaders who have continued its witness since then.

Referring to the wider ecumenical context in order to draw out the distinctive features of the tradition of Anglican Social Theology, this book provides an important and comprehensive account for all those interested in studying and teaching Anglican theology, social and political theology and Christian ethics.

Table of Contents

1. F. D. Maurice and the Myth of Christian Socialist Origins  - Jeremy Morris 

2. Maurice as a Resource for the Church Today - Alison Milbank 

3. Octavia Hill: From Theology to Action - Diane Ryan 

4. Anglican Social Thought Encounters Modernity: Brooke Foss Westcott, Henry Scott Holland and Charles Gore - Paul Avis 

5. William Temple and the ‘Temple Tradition’ - Stephen Spencer 

6. The Temple Legacy Today: Beyond Neoliberalism  - Susan Lucas 

7. Anglican Social Theology Today and Tomorrow - Malcolm Brown 

8. Public Theology or Ecclesial Theology? - Matthew Bullimore 

Afterword: Whither Anglican Social Theology - Peter Manley Scott

Author Information

Stephen Spencer, .

Stephen Spencer is a Tutor at the Yorkshire Ministry Course based at Mirfield and a parish priest in Yorkshire. He is the author of several books including 'The SCM Studyguide to Church Mission' and 'Christ in All Things' (Canterbury Press, 2015)

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Wed 19 Sep 2018 @ 14:54

RT @SCM_PressAs we approach the centenary of the end of #WW1, Join Thomas O'Loughlin and Dr Stuart Bell as they outline the theo…