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Straw for the Bricks

Theological Reflection in Practice

Straw for the Bricks

Theological Reflection in Practice

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334055006
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 30/11/2018
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

Straw for the Bricks explores theological reflection as a tool for ministerial training and development.

The book offers a new resource for theological conversation at the beginning of the 21st century: it breaks new ground in exploring how a model of conversation can be used to lay a foundation for learning which provides a new architecture for both academic curriculum and personal formation.

In addition, this book offers a practical guide to good practice supported by the lived experience of educators from All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry working across several disciplines. No other such detailed practical guide is currently in print.

This will become an important resource for those within theological education institutions, adult theological educators; those with responsibility for continuing ministerial development, mentoring and discipleship; and any lay person who seeks to live a life of faith in conversation with culture and the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

List of Figures and Tables 



Part 1 Straw for the Bricks 

1. Introducing the model 

2. Researching the model 

3. Using the basic model in practice 

4. Developing skills and understanding 

Part 2 Theological Reflection in Practice 

5. Teaching biblical studies 

6. Theological reflection and exegesis 

7. Reflective preaching 

8. Using group theological reflection to prepare sermons 

9. Poetry 

10. Theological reflection as praxis 

11. Theological action research 

12. Final thoughts 



Index of Biblical References 

Index of Names and Subjects 

Gary O'Neill, Liz Shercliff

Gary O'Neill is a Researcher at the University of Chester. He has been Director of Studies for Ordinands in the Diocese of Chester since 2007. Liz Shercliff is Director of Studies for Readers in the Diocese of Chester. She is a member of the Executive of the College of Preachers and an Associate of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity’s Imagine project. She writes regularly in The Preacher magazine.

“This book is a useful contribution to the field of Practical Theology, informed by the authors’ extensive experience of enabling people to engage with the transformative potential of theological reflection. It advocates for a conversational, four-source method and gives detailed guidance on how to use the model within the context of group reflections. Especially helpful are the discussions of how the method can inform biblical studies, preaching and reflective practice, and will be of relevance both for ministers-in-training and established ministerial practitioners.” -- Helen Collins, Tutor in Pastoral and Ministerial Studies, Trinity College, Bristol

'This book is a  banqueting table groaning with goodies. Like any good meal, or effective  theological reflection, this is a rich shared experience, so pull up a chair.  This will nourish practical theologians, preachers and teachers as we refine our various approaches. It will feed poets, enable facilitators of parish debate, and offer sustenance to all who seek God in the earth of the everyday. It offers dishes flavoured with thought, practicality and wisdom; a nourishing feast.' -- Revd Dr Kate Bruce.Visiting Fellow at St Johns College, homiletician and RAF chaplain