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Living in the Gaze of God

Supervision and Ministerial Flourishing

Living in the Gaze of God

Supervision and Ministerial Flourishing

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334056508
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 30/11/2018
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

"Living in the Gaze of God" offers an accessible exploration of the theme of ministerial accountability through the lens of one reflective tool - that of formal supervision of ministerial practice.

Bold and far-reaching, the book addresses the key presenting issues around a need for a change of culture in the church as regards accountability for ministerial practice. It outlines a theological and practical model of 1-to-1 supervision, arguing that such an approach enables the development of greater attentiveness to God, the self and others and thus enhances accountability.

Laying aside the need to offer a 'how-to' approach, Helen D. Cameron instead brings us a rigorous and dynamic consideration of the interface between supervision, accountability and ministerial practice, and offers a theological underpinning for the issues.


1. Ministerial Growth and Flourishing 

2. Supervision and Oversight 

3. Attentiveness to the Gaze of God 

4. Attentiveness to the Self and to the Other 

5. A Supervised Ministry 


Acknowledgement of Sources 

Index of Names and Subjects 

Helen Dixon Cameron

Helen Dixon Cameron is Chair of the Northampton District of the Methodist Church, former Director of Methodist Formation of the Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham and Co-Chair of the Anglican: Methodist Safeguarding Group.

'This is a book for those who desire to know God, to know themselves and to serve others. It offers a poetic and deeply biblical invitation into a deeper relationship with God, self and other as part of the transforming work that God is doing through those called to minister.'-- Jane Leach, Principal, Wesley House

'The Methodist Church has been on a journey of increasing understanding about the need and benefits of improving the wellbeing of ministers. This includes ensuring church environments and work is safe and appropriate for our current understanding of safeguarding. This comprehensive and accessible guide has skilfully integrated these elements into a compelling agenda to help the whole church move forward in confidence and expectation.' -- Tim Carter, Director of Safeguarding, The Methodist Church

'Pastoral supervision is practised for the sake of the supervisee, which provides a space in which their well-being, growth and development are taken seriously. This timely and very readable book is another addition to resource the wellbeing of the Church. I have been greatly helped by reading it and it surely deserves a wide readership.' -- The Rev Richard Teal, Chair of the Cumbria District in Methodist Recorder, Feb 8, 2019