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Preach It!

Understanding African-Caribbean Preaching

Preach It!

Understanding African-Caribbean Preaching

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334057376
Number of Pages: 200
Published: 28/02/2019
Width: 15.6 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Studies of preaching and preaching style have up to this point often focused almost exclusively on a western eurocentric understanding of good preaching.

Preach It! encourages students, both vocational and scholarly, to look beyond these approaches and to learn from traditions with which they are less familiar.

The distinctive style and techniques that African Caribbean Pentecostal preachers have inherited has been shaped by historical, political and socio-economic factors impacting on black Caribbean people (including clergy).

Using a variety of socio-linguistic and theological approaches, Preach It! reflects on these techniques, and outlines how preachers across church traditions might learn from them and use them in their own contexts.




Part 1 Backgrounds

1. Development of Modern Pentecostalism:

Its Origins, African Roots and the role of William Joseph Seymour 

2. African Caribbean Pentecostalism in Britain:

Theologies, Liturgy and the Preaching Event 

3. The Genesis and Development of Jamaican

Creole: Speaking Jamaican, British Black Talk and Code-switching in Preaching 

4. The Hermeneutics of African Caribbean Homiletics

Part 2 Tools

5. Artistic Oratory in African Caribbean Pentecostal Preaching 

6. Intertwining the Preaching Act: Call and Response 

7. Restating the Claim: Repetition in Preaching 

8. Conclusion 


Appendix A Sermon Notes: ‘Grace the Gift of Salvation and Your Identity’ by

Pastor Esther Bonsu 

Appendix B Sermon Transcript: ‘Grace the Gift of Salvation and Your Identity’ by

Pastor Esther Bonsu 

Appendix C Sermon Transcript: ‘Elevated by the Power of God’ by Pastor Nathan Turner 


Index of Names and Subjects 

Carol Tomlin

Dr Carol Tomlin is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Leeds and an award-winning educator. She is also the leader of Restoration Fellowship Ministries.

"The importance of the work lies in its pioneering in the choice of subject. It is a welcome example of people of the African Diaspora making themselves the subject of their own discourse. The impact of Pentecostalism and of preaching itself is such significant sub-text to the story of the mobility and impact of the African underclass in the North Atlantic and in the Caribbean. " -- Garnett Roper, Jamaica Theological Seminary

'Carol Tomlin describes in a marvelous way the growing influence of African-Caribbean preaching in the United Kingdom. She also details the common characteristics of historical African preaching among the diaspora including African American preaching. Her book is a must read for all those who desire to understand the fundamentals of this type of preaching and its continued impact on the worldwide growth of Christianity, especially among Pentecostals. Preach It! Has within its pages the power to make all of us better preachers.' -- Cleophus J. LaRue, Princeton Theological Seminary, Francis Landey Patton, Professor of Homiletics, Princeton, New Jersey. 

'Preaching occupies a premier place in the ecology of African Caribbean Pentecostal church services and ritual. Tomlin’s excellent book throws light on the morphology of this performative practice in a critical and authentic way that will be appreciated by scholars, practitioners and students of this sacred art.' -- Dr R. David Muir, Senior Lecturer in Ministerial Theology and Public Theology, Roehampton University