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Everyday Conversations with Matthew

Everyday Conversations with Matthew

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334057468
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 30/03/2019
Width: 11.1 cm
Height: 17.8 cm

How might a young student be inspired by the sermon on the Mount? How can environmentalists, anxious for the future of the world, connect with Matthew's concerns about the End?

Refusing to be intimidated by the challenges implicit in reading the gospel, Everyday Conversations with Matthew brings the situations of ordinary readers into conversation with the scholarship to help make the text accessible and practically or pastorally useful in specific instances.

These everyday conversations are predicated on a belief that connections are possible; that there are ways of seeing the pastoral or practical usefulness of the text, and, ultimately that there is some point in reading, preaching and teaching from Matthew's gospel.


Introduction: Starting a Conversation

1. Painting Jesus by Numbers 
2. Jesus the Radical 
3. Jesus and his Followers 
4. Jesus and Disappointment 
5. Jesus and Peter 
6. Jesus: The End of the Beginning 
7. Jesus: The Beginning of the End 
8. Ends and Beginnings 

Reading List 
Bible References Index 

John Holdsworth

The Venerable Dr John Holdsworth is a practitioner theologian, currently working as Executive Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.

"This small paperback is attractively presented and contains a wealth of background information as well as an impressive depth of theological understanding..for an easy to read and scholarly reflection on the contents of Matthew's gospel this book is to be recommended." -- LAURA HILLMAN, The Reader, Winter 2019