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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

Jesus as They Saw Him


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ISBN-13: 9780334007715
Published: 01/09/1977
Product description
`Herein Dr Barclay has gathered and expounded the New Testament titles and interpretations of Jesus. Crisp, compact, informed, the book has all the marks of Barclay at his best. As always he draws on an apparently bottomless well of relevant and useful illustrations. There is the characteristic feeling for words and care in translation and exposition' (Expository Times). `Here are the findings of modern scholarship at its best presented in a readable and interesting manner. Some of the intricacies of textual criticism are so ingeniously handled as to ,make them intelligible to the reader with little or no theological training. Any intelligent churchgoer will benefit from these expositions of scriptural themes, for Dr Barclay neither minimizes his readers' intelligence, nor assumes hat they possess knowledge of Biblical background' (Chierch Gazette). A companion volume to The Mind of Jesus and Crucified and Crowned. Jesus as They Saw Him has been Unavailable for a number of years, and now makes a welcome reappearance. When Dr Barclay died in January 1978, Denis Duncan wrote in the British Weekly: 'The world does not often throw up a man of such immense industry, talent, knowledge, humanity and faith. His output in terms of the written word is a modern phenomenon that, in the realm of religious writing, may never be equalled. That his writing skills should he paralleled by his preaching, teaching and lecturing skills is amazing. That his immense knowledge of theology and languages should actually reach the "plain man" in the language of the people, combining the twin qualities of simplicity and profundity is, by any standards, a modern miracle.'
Author Information

William Barclay

1907 - 1978

William Barclay once said that his life's aim was to help new generations "to know better their Bible, their God and their Saviour".

The words and works of this great communicator of the Gospel inspire and sustain the Christian faith of thousands all over the world.

Born in Wick, Barclay studied at the University of Glasgow before becoming a Church of Scotland minister in 1933. He returned to the university as a lecturer in New Testament language and literature in 1947 and was appointed Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism in 1963.

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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

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