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SCM Studyguide: Christian Ethics

SCM Studyguide: Christian Ethics

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334029953
Number of Pages: 186
Published: 28/01/2006
Width: 17.2 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

The SCM Studyguide: Christian Ethics is a wdie ranging introduction to Christian ethics that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It introduces a range of approaches to Christian moral reasoning and discusses numerous practical ethical issues. 

Throughout the book, ethical theory and practical ethics are integrated with one another, in order to show how each informs the other. Topics often neglected in Christian ethics are dealt with here, including Christian ethics and science and Christian ethics and pastoral care. 

Case studies and exercises give readers the opportunity to formulate ther own responses to the moral issues discussed in the book, and to reflect on the sources of their own moral deliberation and action. 

1. Introduction: Deciding How to Decide 

2. The Bible in Christian Ethics

3. Natural Law 

4. Duty, Consequences and Christian Ethics 

5. Critical Voices: Science, Technology and Christian Ethics 

6. Critical Voices: The ‘Recovery of Virtue’ 

7. Critical Voices: Liberation Theologies and Christian Ethics 

8. Critical Voices: Feminist Theologies and Christian Ethics 

9. Christian Ethics: Pastoral and Public 

10. Conclusion 

Neil Messer

Neil Messer is Professor of Theology at the University of Winchester, where his research and teaching focus on Christian ethics and the relationship of science and theology.

'Students could not want a better introduction to Christian Ethics.'-- Theological Book Review

'The ten chapters offer an outline for a basic course or module. it would be Ideal as an introductory course at both pre- and college level. At the same time there is material here, suitably supplemented from some of the sources given in the text, to provide a framework for a major study of the field. It is also precisely a useful background text for someone studying in another field, such as church history or dogmatics, who needs to have a quick overall survey of the field.' -- Paul Ballard, Cardiff University

'Dr Messer packs a lot in and it is particularly good that he introduces us to some of the important contemporary voices which may not be so familiar to Readers.' --Michael Wilcockson, The Reader, Winter 2006, Vol.103, N°4

'I've found Neil Messer's SCM Studyguide to Christian Ethics to be an excellent introductory textbook to accompany my Christian Ethics course. Students find it accessible and engaging as preparatory reading for lectures and come to class with a good grounding in the subject. I recommend it highly.' -- David Clough, University of Chester