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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

SCM Studyguide: Christian Spirituality

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ISBN-13: 9780334040934
Number of Pages: 254
Published: 31/07/2008
Product description

The SCM Studyguide: Christian Spirituality is designed as a lucid and comprehensive introduction to spirituality for students of all religious backgrounds, especially those coming to the subject for the first time.

Part One looks at the Christian spiritual tradition through an encyclopaedic study of a variety of spiritual writers. These are treated chronologically: the Bible, the patristic period, the time when monasticism triumphed, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and the post-Enlightenment period.

Part Two, which could also be used at a more advanced level, explores Christian spirituality through a range of interdisciplinary themes. Successive chapters look at its relation to personal experience, science, theology, psychology, sexual embodiment, and ethics. The final chapter raises urgent contemporary issues: the relation of Christian spirituality to that of other faiths, and to 'postmodern' culture in general.

Each chapter concludes with questions for discussion and select further reading, and an extensive bibliography for each chapter is also provided.


Part One - History

1. Appearance and Abandonment: Biblical Spirituality
2. Struggle and Synthesis: Patristic Spirituality
3. Monastery and Mystery: Spirituality through the 'Dark Ages'
4. Hierarchy and Heresy: Medieval Spirituality
5. Foundations for Faith: Reformation Spirituality
6. Revival or Retreat? Spirituality after the Enlightenment

Part Two - Themes and Connections

7. Encounter or Escapism? Spirituality and Experience
8. Contemplative Questioning? Spirituality and Science
9. A Kind of Knowing? Spirituality and Theology
10. Temple or Temptation? Spirituality and the Body
11. Serious about Soul? Spirituality and the Psyche
12. Training in Transformation/ Spirituality and Ethics
13. Spiritual Space? Spirituality in a World of Difference

Author Information

Ross Thompson with Gareth Williams, Gareth Williams

Ross Thompson is a freelance writer in theology and spirituality. He was a parish priest in Bristol for twenty years, and taught systematics and spirituality at St Michael's College, Llandaff and Cardiff University.

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Tue 19 Feb 2019 @ 12:00

RT @TheosthinktankJoin @TheosElizabeth as she chairs a debate between John Milbank @johnmilbank3, Maurice Glasman @blue_labour, Jenny…

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