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SCM Studyguide: Theological Reflection, 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

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SCM Studyguide: Theological Reflection, 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334056836
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 30/03/2019
Width: 17.2 cm
Height: 23.4 cm

Since it was first published, the SCM Studyguide to Theological Reflection has quickly gained a reputation for being a vital and accessible guide to the subject for all who embark on it for the first time.

The studyguide offers newcomers a step by step introduction to understanding what theological reflection is and helps them to explore which of the methods introduced best suits them and their particular situation. It is practical in emphasis, providing students with a wide variety of worked examples and opportunities to carry out their own exercises.

This 2nd edition will bring the content up to date, offering a revised and improved bibliography and updated and refreshed examples and exercises, including new sections on scriptural reasoning and contemplative theology.


Preface to the First Edition 

Preface to the Second Edition 


Part 1: What is PTR? 

1. What Theological Reflection is – and what it isn’t 

2. PTR in Practice: Some Simple Paradigms 

3. Ways and Means: A variety of PTR Approaches and Models 

Part 2: The Elements of PTR and its Basic Resources 

4. The Place of Scripture in PTR 

5. God, Gaps and Glory – The Kairos Moment 

6. PTR in the Context of Daily and Community Life – Chronos 

7. PTR and Personality: Differences in Thinking, Feeling,

Learning and Doing 

Part 3: The Wider Perspective 

8. PTR and Theology 

9. PTR, Ethics, Institutions and the Wider World 

10. PTR for Life – Not Just for Courses 

Part 4: A Toolkit for PTR 


Core Texts 

Index of Biblical References 

Index of Names and Subjects 

Judith Thompson, Ross Thompson, Stephen Pattison

Judith Thompson, now retired, has been a University Chaplain, a Hospital Chaplain, a parish priest and a Director of Pastoral Studies. Ross Thompson has served as an Anglican Priest and more recently has published several books on spirituality and inter-faith theology Stephen Pattison recently retired as the Professor of Religion, Ethics and Practice and HG Wood Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham