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Reordering Theological Reflection

Starting with Scripture

Reordering Theological Reflection

Starting with Scripture

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Paperback / softback


Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334058564
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 29/05/2020
Width: 13.5 cm
Height: 21.6 cm

What would theological reflection look like if scripture were the starting point?

For many, beginning the process of formation the bible is already a natural starting point, and models of theological reflection which start in other places can be hard to swallow. All too often, as a result, they reject the idea of reflecting theologically altogether, an outcome which is damaging for their future ministry and for the church as a whole.

This book answers a wider call made by prominent theological voices to re-discover the theological heart of the discipline of practical theology and develop new methods which take scripture and tradition more seriously.

Offering an alternative to the usual models of theological reflection, this careful and helpful guide demonstrates to students the possibilities which emerge when the starting point for theological reflective practice

Why should students care about theological reflective practice? Helen Collins explains her reasons for addressing this topic in her latest book.

List of Figures viii

1 Envisaging the Project: An Introduction 1 

2 Clearing the Ground: An Appraisal of Theological Reflection Education 23 

3 Laying the Foundations: The Bible in Theological Reflection 60 

4 Consulting the Architect: The Holy Spirit in Theological Reflection 88 

5 Selecting the Materials: Experience in Theological Reflection 117 

6 Building the Structure: A Model for Theological Reflection for Formation 148 

7 Moving In: Examples of the Scriptural Cycle in Use 177 

8 Assessing the Project: A Conclusion 213

Bibliography 227 

Index 235

Helen Collins

Rev Dr Helen Collins is a Tutor in Pastoral and Ministerial Studies at Trinity College Bristol.

'Finding ways to help ministers to reflect theologically and profitably on life and practice is one of the most important tasks in ministerial education. There is widespread agreement that existing ways of doing this are often frustrating and not really fit for purpose. Helen Collins' take on this challenge situating theological reflection in relation to the study of the bible. This is an important contribution to the developing conversation around this vital area." -- Pete Ward, Durham University, UK

"This is an important book that challenges some of the dominant approaches in practical theology. It seeks to recover the authoritative role that Scripture has in theological reflection, which is to be welcomed. It also pays attention to the role of the Holy Spirit and Christian experience. As such, it provides a timely contribution to the field. I commend it to students and scholars alike." -- Mark Cartledge, London School of Theology, UK